The Growing Demand for Synthetic Turf Installers in New Zealand

March 15, 2024    By:  diib-seo

In recent years, New Zealand has seen a notable transition in landscaping preferences, especially among the business community. Natural lawns, once deemed an irreplaceable element of outdoor aesthetics, are steadily giving way to a more practical, versatile, and sustainable counterpart — synthetic turf. As businesses strive to find more efficient and eco-friendly solutions, synthetic turf is gaining notice and popularity.

This rising trend of synthetic turf adoption is creating a demand surge for specialist synthetic turf installers in New Zealand. Business owners recognise the value, not only in the product but also in quality installation, rendering the role of expert installers crucial. With this market change, we are experiencing an expansion in the synthetic turf industry and the profession of installation specialisation.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Low Maintenance and Versatility

For businesses, the switch to synthetic turf brings an array of benefits. One of the cornerstones is the low maintenance needs. The artificial grass requires minimal care, freeing up valuable time and resources that were previously employed in lawn upkeep.

Another strong advantage is its versatility. Synthetic turf can be installed in a wide array of terrain types, indoor or outdoor, freeing businesses from the constraints that come with natural grass. It also maintains a lush, green visual appeal all year round — independent of seasonal weather shifts — giving businesses an aesthetic edge.


The environmental benefits of synthetic turf are significant, and particularly important in New Zealand, where sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a commitment. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t require a constant supply of water to retain its verdant appearance, which conserves precious water resources. Moreover, it eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, reducing the chemical runoff that can be harmful to the ecosystem. Last but not least, with no mowing required, synthetic turf contributes to reducing carbon emissions—offering a substantial eco-friendly advantage to Kiwi businesses that are conscious of their environmental footprint.

Addressing Common Concerns About Synthetic Turf

Despite its many benefits, some skepticism remains about the use of synthetic turf. One of the primary concerns includes the impact on biodiversity and the soil beneath. However, with advancements in turf technology, these issues are being addressed through innovations such as breathable fabrics and efficient drainage systems. Installers often educate clients on how high-quality artificial grass blends seamlessly with native landscaping — supporting rather than displacing local flora and fauna.

Another issue often raised relates to the tendency of synthetic turf to absorb heat. In response, the latest turf products have been engineered with heat-dissipating features and are constructed to reflect sunlight, ensuring the surface maintains a cooler temperature.

Expert Installation: The Key to Long-lasting Turf

An integral component to reaping these benefits is expert installation. Quality synthetic turf installers ensure not only the proper placement of the turf but prolong its life too. They take into account the specific needs of each site, use suitable installation techniques, and bring in their extensive experience to make the turf stand the test of time. Expertly installed synthetic turf can offer businesses long-term value, justifying its growing demand.

Unreal Lawns: Leading Synthetic Turf Installation

Unreal Lawns offers top-tier synthetic turf installation services tailored for commercial properties in New Zealand. Known for our detail-oriented approach, we conduct in-depth consultations, ensuring expectations align with the functional and aesthetic needs of your property. Our installation process utilises resilient synthetic turf and incorporates state-of-the-art techniques for long-lasting results. 

Beyond installation, Unreal Lawns stands out for exceptional customer service, clear communication, and robust after-care, ensuring customer satisfaction through and through. With our professional expertise, we provide seamless and sustainable turf solutions for businesses looking for a low-maintenance yet visually appealing landscape all year round. 



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