In addition to providing a clean and safe playing surface for school children, artificial grass for school playgrounds offers many benefits that significantly enhance their overall experience.

Fostering Excellence in Sports and Recreation: Unreal Lawns for Schools

No matter the sporting activity or prevailing weather conditions, Unreal Lawns’ versatile synthetic turf sports surfaces are the ultimate choice for an exceptional playing experience.

Synthetic Turf Redefines Athletic Environments

Elevating the quality of sports facilities not only serves as a source of inspiration for students but also ignites their passion for active engagement in outdoor activities, cultivating a desire to return time and again. Unreal Lawns offers exceptional synthetic turf surfaces that deliver:

  • A nurturing platform to encourage and develop passions.
  • An environment for honing skills and refining talents.
  • A space dedicated to enabling the potential of future athletes.

With diverse, flexible options customised to each school’s unique requirements, Unreal Lawns emerges as the perfect sporting partner. Joining forces with us sets you on a transformative journey towards creating a unique sporting environment that leaves a lasting impact on students, empowering them to excel in their athletic pursuits.

Unreal Lawns: Where Safety Meets Splendor in School Playgrounds

Efficiently managing a school involves prioritising time and cost-efficiency while ensuring year-round usability of pitches and play areas, regardless of weather conditions. Artificial grass emerges as an immensely beneficial solution, offering a clean, mess-free alternative that remains playable in all seasons.

At Unreal Lawns, we specialise in providing top-of-the-line synthetic grass products customised explicitly for school environments. Our artificial grass for schools requires minimal upkeep, eliminating time-consuming tasks such as mowing, fertilising or using harmful chemicals. Choosing our solutions allows you to save valuable time and resources while ensuring that your students’ pitches and play areas are impeccably maintained.

Reinvent the Overall Ambiance with an Immaculate Lawn

Heighten your school’s outdoor environment with a vibrant, all-weather learning space that remains lush despite the energetic activities of children. Our Artificial grass presents an exceptional solution, safeguarding against muddy conditions during rainy spells and unsightly bare patches in the summer. Create a captivating outdoor learning experience for your esteemed school and daycare with our astro turf for schools.

Regardless of the scope of your project or the size of the area you intend to transform, our extensive range of artificial turf for schools and play areas offer options to suit every budget and aesthetic preference. Let us collaborate to create an ideal space using our superior-grade artificial grass, modified specifically for schools and daycare.

Discover the Benefits of Artificial Turf: Why It Outshines Real Grass

Elevating Excellence Beyond Compare

Inspiring students through the provision of exceptional sports facilities boosts their enthusiasm for outdoor activities and creates a lasting desire to engage in physical pursuits continuously. Unreal Lawns’ synthetic turf for school surfaces is the ideal canvas upon which future athletes’ passion, skills and talents can flourish.

With an array of flexible options tailored to suit the unique requirements of every school, Unreal Lawns emerges as the quintessential sporting partner, ready to support your institution’s sporting endeavours.

Guaranteed Quality:

Rigorous quality control measures ensure superior products backed by a comprehensive warranty.

International Standards:

Adheres to and surpasses global benchmarks for performance and safety.

Tailored for New Zealand:

Specifically designed to withstand and excel in the diverse and unpredictable conditions of New Zealand.

Experience Long-lasting Beauty:

Unlike natural grass, prone to patches and muddy puddles, our artificial turf maintains its impeccable appearance year-round.

Safety from Trips and Falls:

Featuring a plush and customisable pile, our synthetic sports turf delivers a gentle cushioning effect, providing added safety in case of any impact.

Resilient and Child-safe:

Our artificial turf provides a mess-free surface and boasts exceptional quality, making it an ideal choice for children’s play.

Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic:

Our artificial grass is designed to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe and allergy-friendly outdoor environment.

Transform Your School Playground Area in 4 Easy Steps

  • Contact Us: Contact our team of professionals by filling out a form or reaching out for a quote.
  • Professional Installation: Leave the installation process to our skilled in-house team. We will schedule and complete the installation with utmost professionalism and efficiency.
  • Enjoy the Transformation: Sit back, relax and delight in the remarkable transformation of your school’s playground. Enjoy the beauty of your new low-maintenance Unreal Lawns lawn.

Enhance Your School Playgrounds: Delight in the Softness and Comfort of Our Synthetic Turf

Unreal Lawns presents an exceptional solution to elevate your school’s outdoor areas with impeccable artificial grass. Our high-quality turf creates a pristine, evergreen appearance that will captivate students and staff alike. Say goodbye to the time-consuming tasks of mowing, watering, and maintaining natural grass.

Our artificial lawns provide a soft and cushioned surface, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play and explore. With Unreal Lawns, you can transform your school playgrounds into year-round green havens, eliminating muddy patches and fostering an inviting atmosphere for outdoor activities.

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your school grounds with Unreal Lawns, where superior artificial grass solutions meet the unique needs of educational environments.



Is Artificial Grass Safe for Children?
You can have peace of mind knowing that our artificial grass is specifically designed to ensure the safety of children. Carefully crafted to be non-toxic, hypoallergenic and devoid of harmful chemicals, it offers a secure playing surface that prioritises the well-being and safety of children.


Is Artificial Grass Suitable for Children’s Play Areas?
Artificial grass is an excellent option for children’s play areas. Its soft and cushioned surface effectively mitigates the risk of injuries resulting from falls while providing a pristine and long-lasting environment for children to engage in outdoor activities.


Which Artificial Grass Is Best for Schools?
The best artificial grass for schools in NZ depends on specific requirements and preferences. However, synthetic turf designed for high-traffic areas, with good drainage capabilities, is generally recommended for school settings. Consulting with our experts can help determine the most suitable option for your school’s needs.


How Does Artificial Grass Enhance the Learning Environment in Schools?

Artificial grass contributes to creating a safe, clean, and inspiring learning environment in schools. It offers benefits such as a cushioned and low-maintenance surface, reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, it provides a vibrant and inviting space for outdoor activities, fostering creativity and growth among students.


What Sets Unreal Lawns’ Artificial Grass for Schools Apart?

Unreal Lawns’ artificial grass for schools stands out due to its quality, safety, and durability. It undergoes rigorous quality control measures and adheres to international standards for performance and safety. Additionally, our synthetic turf is tailored to withstand New Zealand’s diverse and unpredictable conditions, ensuring long-lasting beauty and safety for children.



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