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residential artificial grass
Artificial Turf for Residential Yards

Are you looking for a low maintenance, real looking lawn alternative for your backyard? Escape the hassle and expense of traditional lawn care with Unreal Lawns' top-quality faux grass - the perfect low-maintenance solution for your backyard! Our artificial grass is crafted to replicate the appearance and texture of natural grass without the hassle of maintenance, including watering, mowing or fertilising. Talk to Unreal Lawns - specialists in best residential artificial grass installations.

commercial artificial grass

Do you need a hard wearing synthetic turf? Artificial turf for the sports fields at your school, sports club or playground? Perhaps an inventive solution for your cafe or business? Unreal Lawns can help. Maximize your sports fields' potential, whether at school, a sports club or a playground, with Unreal Lawns' premium synthetic turf and durable fake grass mat. You can attain exceptional performance and long-lasting durability with our superior-quality products. Whether you are looking to enhance your outdoor sports experience or give your cafe or business an eye-catching touch of greenery, we have got you covered.

fake grass
Garage Carpeting

Is your garage space currently underutilised? Why not install garage carpet? Make full use of the space by turning it into an office, work out room, play area and more. Transform your underutilised garage space into a fully functional and inviting place with our plush garage carpeting! Our durable and easy-to-clean carpeting provides a non-slip surface perfect for various activities, from working out to playing games with your kids. Not only will our garage carpeting make your garage space more comfortable and practical, but it will also increase the value of your home.

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Realistic Artificial Grass in New Zealand

Dreaming of an extraordinary lawn that makes your home the talk of the neighbourhood? Unreal Lawns brings you top-quality artificial grass in New Zealand for stunning low maintenance landscapes. Our realistic faux grass and synthetic turf products are specially designed to transform any outdoor space into a functional area perfect for sports, leisure and entertaining. With superior durability and weather resistance, our artificial lawns and fake lawns nz are made to last for years while retaining their vibrant beauty. Plus, with Unreal Lawns you get the most affordable artificial grass prices in NZ. So why choose an ordinary lawn when our synthetic grass nz offers extraordinary quality and value? Let Unreal Lawns create your dream landscape with our exceptional range of cheap  artificial grass NZ products today!

artificial grass

From longevity to low lawn maintenance and cost-effective installation, we present our artificial turf products in New Zealand, as a superior option for both your residential and commercial lawns. Our specialists also excel at no-hassle maintenance of your synthetic turf in New Zealand where we use the best tools to brush off weeds and leaves, leaving your lawn looking impeccably new always. To discover more about our innovative services and our artificial turf products in New Zealand feel free to browse our site or give us a ring on 022 080 0464 today.

Affordable AstroTurf in Hamilton

Turning around the dull appeal of your garden is now easier than ever with Unreal Lawns by your side. The fake grass products in Hamilton used by our synthetic turf specialists are crafted from high-quality materials, which not only gives your garden a perfectly new real grass finish but also serves as a safe play space almost acts as sports fields for your kids and pets so they can take in all the benefits. Plus cleaning the area is simple and it’s practically maintenance-free!

Our high-end unreal grass in NZ, is meant for both residential and commercial purposes. From creating a comfortable and luxurious lawn in your home to building a secure and fun commercial playground for kids, we have the means & products to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with a stress-free and enjoyable experience, from the initial consultation and design process to the final installation and maintenance of your new artificial lawn. Also, did we tell that we are the leading suppliers and installers of putting green in Hamilton? Well, if not, then take a look around our website to learn more about our high-quality artificial grass in NZ.

We Supply Cheap Best Fake Grass in NZ Wide

At Unreal Lawns, we offer a wide range of synthetic turf products, including artificial grass rolls, fake grass mats and artificial grass on decking, all at affordable prices without compromising quality. With our artificial grass in NZ, turn your lawn into the talk of the neighbourhood! Unreal Lawns specialises in state-of-the-art realistic natural grass looking artificial grass, synthetic turf products that not only looks fabulous but feels comfortable under the foot too. Our team of artificial lawn and artificial turf specialists make an extra effort in turning your vision into reality and helping you wake up to a new lush lawn which comes with the benefit of low maintenance and not to forget its environmentally friendly and its perfect for New Zealand conditions.

What’s more, is that Unreal Lawns keeps customer satisfaction above everything else, which is why we emphasise on offering the best artificial grass prices in NZ for all our clients. We house a team of dedicated and qualified synthetic grass turf installers who never fail to impress our customers. Over the years, we have helped property owners across NZ achieve the lawn they have always wanted. To check out our wide range of high-quality synthetic turf products, or learn more about our artificial turf, browse our site today.

New Zealand’s Premium Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for artificial grass that looks as good as the real deal, then you’ve come to the right place. With artificial grass on decking from Unreal Lawns, you can easily and affordably turn your outside area into a gorgeous, low-maintenance haven. Unreal Lawns are specialists for supplying and installing premium artificial grass in New Zealand. In addition to being visually stunning, our synthetic grass offers several other advantages over real grass. It is extremely easy to maintain and promises long-term durability. Our artificial grass is also child and pet friendly. With our professional installation, you don’t have to worry about your lawns turning brown in the warmer months. Our synthetic grass is suitable for all kinds of spaces, including shaded areas.

Unreal Lawns – Your Trusted Partner for Premium Artificial Grass Solutions in New Zealand

If you seek premium artificial grass solutions in New Zealand, your search ends with Unreal Lawns. With Unreal Lawns, buying artificial grass in NZ has never been easier or more rewarding. We pride ourselves on being the premier choice for top-quality, realistic artificial grass suitable for all outdoor spaces. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional products and services, ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new outdoor area. Whether you are looking for high-quality artificial grass rolls or artificial grass on decking solutions, we have everything you need to create a beautiful and practical outdoor space that stands out in your neighbourhood. And with our focus on affordability, durability and low maintenance, you can enjoy the perfect balance of beauty and practicality for your home or business. With top-notch, lifelike fake grass alternatives that are low-maintenance and long-lasting, Unreal Lawns presents the best AstroTurf grass for sale in New Zealand.

Be sure to transform your outdoor space with the best artificial grass solutions in New Zealand. Contact Unreal Lawns today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you achieve a stunning, low-maintenance lawn that you can enjoy year-round.











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    How much does artificial lawn cost ?

    The cost largely depends on individual needs. Unreal Lawns has a range of fake grass to suit most budgets. Our team can quote a suitable artificial grass for you.


    What do you put under artificial grass?

    Landscape artificial grass is mostly installed on an aggregate base 100 mm of GAP/20 to make a strong base with GAP/7 to contour to a smooth surface.


    Which artificial grass is the best?

    Unreal Lawns has a range of artificial turf to suit different projects, artificial grass for a commercial project that has high foot traffic or lush soft fake grass for a residential home.


    Is artificial grass a good option?

    Yes artificial turf gives you a low maintenance lawn. An artificial lawn can save you money no need to pay a lawn mowing contractor artificial grass doesn’t require fertilizer or watering. A fake lawn nz is green all year.


    Can artificial grass get wet?

    Yes Unreal Lawns artificial grass has drainage holes so the water drains through the fake grass into the aggregate base.


    How do you maintain artificial grass with dogs?

    There is always the risk that your dog urinates on your artificial grass. Fortunately, it is not harmful to the artificial lawn. For example, your fake grass will not discolor. So, there’s no need to keep your pets off your artificial grass.


    Can I DIY artificial grass

    Yes Unreal Lawns can supply artificial grass for you to install your self. We can help with advice on how to install artificial turf.


    Which is the best fake grass?

    Unreal Lawns dense and natural-looking blades with UV and fire-resistant material, pu backing and a reange of blade heights gives the best quality of fake grass or artificial grass for your garden. You can also choose the synthetic turf as per your requirement.


    How long will fake grass last?

    We guarantee our artificial grass with a fear-free warranty. Our premium range is guaranteed to last for at least 7 years. Whatever you choose, proper maintenance can add years to the life span.


    Is fake grass worth the money?

    Totally. Fake grass now comes in fibres that make it look completely natural. It is easy to install and maintain. Artificial grass from Unreal Lawns is perfect for your backyard turf.


    What is a negative of artificial grass?

    One major drawback of residential artificial grass is that it can get very hot in the sun, hotter than natural lawn grass would. The synthetic materials absorb and retain heat far more than real grass and soil. This can limit outdoor play and activities on especially hot, sunny days. Proper materials and installation can help mitigate this issue somewhat, but the unnatural heat remains an inherent downside.




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