Unreal Lawns: Your Path to Unmatched Landscaping Excellence

Irrespective of your role or specific landscaping needs, Unreal Lawns is your ultimate partner in helping you create stunning, low-maintenance landscapes that surpass expectations. Whether you are a homeowner seeking an exquisitely groomed lawn, a business searching for attractive workspaces, a landscape designer needing a unique solution or a council facing challenges with access, maintenance and water supplies, our team is here to connect and provide exceptional results.

Modifying Landscapes with Unparalleled Expertise and Vision

As experts in crafting breathtaking outdoor spaces, landscapers hold a pivotal position in the industry. At Unreal Lawns, we recognise the importance of providing landscapers with top-quality products they can confidently offer their valued customers. Our premium synthetic grass solutions are meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of landscapes while delivering unmatched endurance and realism.

With our reliable and trusted artificial grass, landscapers can create remarkable outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression on their clients. We are dedicated to supporting landscapers in their pursuit of excellence by offering products that enhance their professional reputation and increase customer satisfaction.

Inviting Serenity: Craft Beautiful Lawn Retreats with Confidence

As a landscaper, you strive to provide your customers with top-quality solutions that bring the allure of natural turf without the hassle of maintenance. Our innovative artificial grass solutions are carefully crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring longevity and realistic aesthetics. By partnering with Unreal Lawns, you can access a range of premium products designed specifically for landscaping professionals. This allows you to confidently supply your customers with superior products that guarantee their satisfaction and reflect your dedication to delivering top-tier landscaping services.

Together, let’s craft beautiful lawn retreats that leave a lasting impression, ensuring your customers enjoy the serenity of a maintenance-free landscape with confidence in the quality of your work.

Enchanting Landscapes Made Effortless: Dive into the World of Synthetic Grass

A lush green lawn is a sight to behold—a peaceful abode that invites you to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, the demands of watering, mowing, weeding and fertilising can often make it demanding to maintain a picture-perfect lawn. If you find yourself longing for a beautiful property without the hassle of traditional maintenance, synthetic grass may be the solution you have been searching for.

Synthetic grass landscaping provides an uncomplicated solution, whether you have a busy lifestyle, limited time for yard work or challenging lawn areas that struggle to thrive.

Flexible Solution for Troublesome Lawn Areas

Recast challenging lawn areas effortlessly with our versatile artificial grass for landscaping solutions. Our low-maintenance solution offers a seamless and hassle-free landscape.

Versatile and Natural-looking Grass Surfaces

Unreal Lawns provides a range of synthetic grass lawn surfaces that are both versatile and offer a natural appearance. Choose from our selection to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Authentically New Zealand-made Synthetic Grass

Crafted in New Zealand to withstand local conditions, our synthetic grass replicates the appearance and texture of natural grass while its UV stabilisation prevents fading.

Achieve Year-round Perfection: Synthetic Lawns that Mirror Natural Beauty

Experience the allure of perfectly primped lawns all year round with our high-quality synthetic grass. Ideal for both commercial and residential settings, our artificial lawns replicate the characteristics of natural grass while offering practical benefits.

Transform urban environments, rooftops, balconies, offices, playgrounds, parks and pedestrian areas into serene havens with the exceptional magnetism of Unreal Lawns’ synthetic lawns. With effortless installation and maintenance, these lush green landscapes offer a revitalising sanctuary amidst the bustling cityscape.

Architects, artificial grass landscapers and councils seeking versatile options beyond traditional tiling, paving and decking can benefit greatly from exploring the advantages of artificial grass. Explore the endless benefits of this adaptable solution, harmonising functionality and aesthetic appeal with ease.

Unreal Lawns: Attractiveness, Reliability and Natural Realism

Discover the exceptional range of synthetic lawn solutions available at Unreal Lawns. Our products are designed to cater to diverse preferences and the specific requirements of artificial turf landscaping. With their captivating attractiveness, lifelike texture and unparalleled sturdiness, our offerings empower you to design breathtaking and enduring outdoor spaces.

What Sets Unreal Lawns Apart?

Efficient Production

  • Cautiously selected materials ensure top-notch quality.
  • Rigorous manufacturing processes provide outstanding endurance.
  • Praised by customers and well-recognised in the market.

Versatile Product Selection

  • Extensive range catering to various needs.
  • Tailored customisation for unique requirements.
  • Seizing opportunities with timely delivery.

Efficient Services

  • Experienced technicians provide professional support.
  • Swift problem-solving ensures timely resolution.
  • Attentive services give you peace of mind.

Elevate Your Landscaping Offerings with Unreal Lawns

Unreal Lawns offers landscapers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their services and expand their income potential. By incorporating our premium fake grass landscape solutions into your projects, you can deliver your customers a maintenance-free lawn retreat that combines beauty, functionality and long-lasting performance. With Unreal Lawns, you can confidently elevate your landscaping offerings, knowing that you are providing your customers with a quality product that exceeds their expectations.

Discover the Unreal Difference: Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can enhance your landscaping projects and empower you to deliver exceptional outdoor spaces that inspire serenity and relaxation.

How Can We Assist You?

Whether you require a surface solution for sports, leisure or landscaping purposes, our unparalleled range of products and expertise is here to serve you. From selecting the right option to professional installation and ongoing maintenance, our dedicated team is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. So, what can we help you with today?



How can Unreal Lawns assist landscapers in creating stunning outdoor spaces?

Unreal Lawns is committed to providing landscapers with top-quality artificial grass solutions that enhance the aesthetic appeal of landscapes. Our premium synthetic grass products offer both endurance and realism, allowing landscapers to create remarkable outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression on their clients. We aim to support landscapers in their pursuit of excellence by offering products that enhance their professional reputation and increase customer satisfaction.


Why should landscapers choose Unreal Lawns for their synthetic grass needs?

Unreal Lawns offers a range of premium synthetic grass products specifically designed for landscaping professionals. Our innovative artificial grass solutions meet the highest industry standards, ensuring longevity and realistic aesthetics. By partnering with Unreal Lawns, landscapers can confidently supply their customers with superior products, reflecting their dedication to delivering top-tier landscaping services.


How does synthetic grass landscaping provide a low-maintenance solution for challenging lawn areas?

Synthetic grass offers an uncomplicated solution for maintaining a beautiful lawn, even in areas that may struggle to thrive with traditional maintenance methods. It eliminates the need for watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing, making it an ideal choice for those with busy lifestyles or limited time for yard work.


What sets Unreal Lawns' synthetic grass products apart from others in the market?

Unreal Lawns takes pride in its efficient production processes and the careful selection of materials, ensuring top-notch quality and outstanding endurance. Our products have earned praise from customers and are well-recognized in the market. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of synthetic grass options tailored to various needs, allowing for customization to unique requirements.


How can landscapers elevate their services and income potential by incorporating Unreal Lawns' synthetic grass solutions?

By integrating our premium synthetic grass landscape solutions into their projects, landscapers can offer their customers low maintenance lawn retreats that combine beauty, functionality, and long-lasting performance. This empowers landscapers to deliver exceptional outdoor spaces that inspire serenity and relaxation. With Unreal Lawns, landscapers can confidently elevate their landscaping offerings, knowing they are providing a quality product that exceeds customer expectations.



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