Artificial Grass in Christchurch, NZ

Are you looking for something extraordinary for your commercial lawns which will make it the centre of attraction for every passerby? If yes, then Unreal Lawns can be of significant help to you. With no water, pruning and mowing troubles, our artificial grass in Christchurch last long without losing it gorgeous appeal.

All the work that goes into creating a lawn from scratch with synthetic grass is highly exhausting, but our experts make it a point to keep you far away from the hassle and stress of the process. Apart from the exemplary installation of artificial grass in Christchurch, our fake grass specialists excel at carpeting the garage to help you maximise the space available at your disposal. To know more about what our experts can do for your property, drop in your query on today.

Fake & Turf Grass in Christchurch

Besides alluring looks and low-maintenance, weather-resistance is a strong reason to invest in our artificial grass in Christchurch at Unreal Lawns. Our soft, comfortable and safe fake grass in NZ lasts longer than what you would expect- with the right maintenance, of course! 

All the installations done for your residential or commercial lawns are carried out with precision and completed to perfection. Our specialist installers leave no scope for errors or dissatisfaction, thus making us a premier pick for fake grass installation all over NZ. Whether you have something interesting in mind for your lawn or would like industry experts to craft a landscaping design which is unique and attractive, we can do it all while upholding the highest quality standards. 

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs today.

Why Choose Us:

The artificial grass in Christchurch is durable and can withstand wind and rain with ease without disrupting your landscape designs. From putting greens to elevate the look of a particular part of your lawn to revamping the dull look of your entire garden, we source only the best materials for fine landscaping of your property. The quality of the astroturf at Unreal Lawns is unquestionable, which is another reason why we fit the bill for you.

While we promise a desirable appearance of your lawn for a longer span, a little upkeep is mandatory to fulfil the same. Our experts at Unreal Lawns will be happy to take care of flattening grass or removing the weeds without compromising the look of your garden. Get in touch with us today to keep your lawn looking beautiful and fresh always!

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