Artificial Turf for Residential Yards

Are you looking for a low maintenance, real looking lawn alternative for your backyard? Escape the hassle and expense of traditional lawn care with Unreal Lawns' top-quality faux grass - the perfect low-maintenance solution for your backyard! Our artificial grass is crafted to replicate the appearance and texture of natural grass without the hassle of maintenance, including watering, mowing or fertilising. Talk to Unreal Lawns - specialists in best residential artificial grass installations.


Do you need a hard wearing synthetic turf? Artificial turf for the sports fields at your school, sports club or playground? Perhaps an inventive solution for your cafe or business? Unreal Lawns can help. Maximize your sports fields' potential, whether at school, a sports club or a playground, with Unreal Lawns' premium synthetic turf and durable fake grass mat. You can attain exceptional performance and long-lasting durability with our superior-quality products. Whether you are looking to enhance your outdoor sports experience or give your cafe or business an eye-catching touch of greenery, we have got you covered.

Garage Carpeting

Is your garage space currently underutilised? Why not install garage carpet? Make full use of the space by turning it into an office, work out room, play area and more. Transform your underutilised garage space into a fully functional and inviting place with our plush garage carpeting! Our durable and easy-to-clean carpeting provides a non-slip surface perfect for various activities, from working out to playing games with your kids. Not only will our garage carpeting make your garage space more comfortable and practical, but it will also increase the value of your home.



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