Artificial Grass in Palmerston North

Beautiful Fake Grass in Palmerston North, North Island

Although nothing beats the rawness that nature provides, our development as a civil race continues to demand a significant amount of order through organized efforts.

Outdoor spaces and their aesthetics play a significant role in our day-to-day life. In fact, it represents much more than having a clean and tidy environment. It shows who we are. We at Unreal Lawns help you find solutions to the most common problems you face with regard to your outdoor area and its usage.

Be it your home or commercial space, the city of Palmerston North is known for its vast stretches of greenery. While it can be a daunting task to grow and maintain real grass, we offer you an experiential service that will help you choose the best artificial grass alternative and professionally install it to your satisfaction.


Why Choose Us To Install Synthetic Grass in Palmerston North?

At Unreal Lawns, we go by the code of family. We will happily guide you throughout the entire life cycle of maintaining your lawn, along with tips and tricks to retain its novelty for as long as possible. We have a warranty program unmatched by any other artificial grass dealer in Palmerston North. Above all, we at Unreal Lawns don’t just sell you artificial grass for your lawn but a serene outdoor living experience.

Artificial & Synthetic Lawns Solutions Palmerston North

Artificial grass is way more efficient than natural grass. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, there is no mud so your property can remain clean and avoid any muddy footprints, and you don’t have to water it so your water bill is also reduced. 

Unreal Lawn is a professional artificial lawn installation service that is known in Palmerston North for its high quality, low maintenance, and real-looking grass. No matter where you want to place the grass we can help you with it. With our expertise, we can install it in any shape.

We take up projects for both residential and commercial properties. We can also help you put some synthetic grass for preparing the kid’s play area. Our grass is of high quality with no heavy metals and no harmful chemicals is highly durable and creates a clean play area. 

We don’t stop at installing the grass. Our experts will guide you on how you can maintain it yourself. You can call us anytime if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can hire us to maintain the grass. 

Our services are absolutely affordable. You can discuss the plan for the project with our experts who will guide you well.

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High-Quality Artificial Turf Palmerston North

If you are tired of mowing your lawn, watering it every day, and applying pesticides to prevent bugs from ruining your lawn, you should consider using artificial turf. It looks very clean and neat and if bought from a good supplier it looks like real grass. 

Some benefits of installing artificial turf are: 

  1.  No allergens 
  2.  No watering the grass every day 
  3.  Low maintenance
  4.  No mowing 
  5.  Can be installed on most surfaces
  6.  Makes the surface water resistant 
  7.  Fewer chances of moss 
  8.  Don’t need to use pesticides 
  9.  No muddy footprints ( great for people with pets) 
  10.  Looks very aesthetically pleasing
  11.  Highly durable 
  12.  Environmentally friendly 
  13.  Aesthetically pleasing and versatile 


If this long list of benefits was enough to convenience you to install artificial turf, get in touch with us. We are Palmerston North’s most reputed artificial turf installation and maintenance service. We use high-quality, no-mow, and low-maintenance turf. Our professionals are capable of installing it on any shape of the surface. We promise that our turf will totally resemble real grass. Most importantly, we don’t cost you the earth. Our prices are low compared to the rest of the companies in the market. 

Get in touch with us to install high-quality artificial turf in your house or commercial property in Palmerston North. 

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