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Are you an apartment dweller keen to add a patch of green to your patio? A retiree who is ready to trade in the gardening tools for a book and time spent in the sun? Or a family of four, with a dog or two, in need of an all weather area for sport and play?

Whatever your circumstances, real looking artificial turf for residential yards is a stylish and low maintenance option that will save you time, money and mess. It is now available in a range of turf types, from soft and bouncy grass for playgrounds to more compact residential artificial turf for sports fields.

The team at Unreal Lawns are professional suppliers and residential installers of fake grass, happy to offer advice and suggestions for your property. Ask about our guarantees. We personally stand by our workmanship which is completed to a very high standard.

To discuss the cost of high-quality artificial grass, contact Unreal Lawns today. Unreal Lawns has a team of contractors that can assist you with a low maintenance lawn at the same time which is appealing too.

Why Residential artificial grass for homes is making a comeback?

For many years artificial turf was viewed as tacky or useful only for sports fields. However, the times have changed and artificial grass is back in favour. Here's why...

    • Artificial grass has improved in recent years to look as much like real grass as possible. There are many lengths to choose from, too, ranging from 9mm to 55mm for an ultra lush, soft feel.
    • Time-poor homeowners enjoy having a pristine looking yard without the need for lawnmowing or excessive watering to stave off periods of drought in summer.
    • Artificial grass is great for dogs and other pets.
    • More people suffer from grass and seed-related allergies than ever before. Artificial turf solves this problem instantly.
    • Artificial lawns are well-suited to apartment living – especially apartments with a rooftop entertaining space. Growing real grass is too much hassle whereas artificial lawn requires little upkeep.

Fake grass isn't the only floor covering making a comeback. Unreal Lawns has seen a marked increase in the number of people wanting garage carpet. Again, the appeal is to create a low maintenance, multi-purpose space for a range of needs. Unreal Lawns handles both artificial lawn installation and garage carpet installation and can bring a range of samples to your home to try.

Our low maintenance lawn alternatives are the perfect choice for your home

Our artificial lawns look gorgeous all year long. You will never have to worry about overgrowth or weeds causing an unsightly mess or brown lawns at the height of summer.

Low maintenance lawn alternatives also lower your utility bills with less money spent on watering. Not only will your new artificial lawn conserve water, you’ll also save gas by not having to fill up a lawnmower. You’ll no longer need to use fertilisers or herbicides either.

Our artificial turf takes care of itself. Once your new lawn is installed, Unreal Lawns will provide tips and advice for caring for your grass so that it remains in top condition. Alternatively, Unreal Lawns can look after it for you and you can spend more time with the people you love and relax in your beautiful new outdoor space. Simply call us when you are ready or schedule your maintenance in for every few months.

If you'd like a free quote for artificial grass installation, make an enquiry today.



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