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Do you have garage space at home which is idle and has been the same for a while now? If yes, then turn it into a completely new storage unit, home gym, study room or efficient parking space with the help of Unreal Lawns. We are the specialists of realistic artificial grass who have spread their wings in the garage carpeting, and flooring as well. Sometimes garages can be awkwardly shaped. But that isn’t an issue for us! Our experts have the experience and the right tools to install carpet in garages of all sizes and shapes. From wall to wall carpeting to cover a specific area in your garage, our carpet experts will craft an individual solution, specific to your needs in New Zealand.

The quality of our garage carpet is beyond compare! Not only are our garage carpets easy to clean and comfortable for all, but they also absorb noise and insulate brilliantly well. Coming with incredible anti-slip protection, our garage carpets can be wisely used to liven up the entire decor of your garage. Not just that! They can be an ideal solution if you are planning to up your garage flooring game.

For a detailed discussion regarding your garage carpet revamping and flooring, feel free to give us a ring on 022 080 0464 today!

Make full use of your garage with wall to wall garage carpet installation

Why should you install carpet in your garage? Garage carpet installation may seem like a strange idea at first, but the concept has genuine merit. These days people use their garages for other things than simply housing a car. Often the garage doubles as a laundry space, storage area, workroom or hobby gymnasium – even a playroom for young children or animals on wet days. Moreover, carpeting your garage enhances its insulative property. Without adequate insulation, your garage will become a source of heat loss. By putting carpeting in place, you can ensure your garage retains heating during the cold months.

If the thought of turning your garage into a multi-purpose area appeals to you, have a chat with the team at Unreal Lawns about installing either wall to wall carpet or a section of carpet to one side of your garage space.

Eight reasons to install carpet on your garage floor

You may be wondering if it is worth investing in garage carpet NZ. What’s the benefit of garage carpet compared to plain concrete or basic carpet tiles purchased from the hardware store?

  1. It is easy to keep clean. You don’t have to worry about getting dirt and grime out of dents in the flooring. Carpeting makes the garage floor even so that you can easily and quickly clean.
  2. It covers up stains. From oil spills to paint splatters, there is a wide range of stains that may be present in your garage. If you’re planning to transform your garage into a multi-functional space, then installing a carpet is an excellent way to cover up stains.
  3. It is soft on the feet. Concrete or tiles are way too hard to walk on. The carpet will make your garage feel comfortable.
  4. It provides good anti-slip protection. Carpets add necessary traction to your floors. Carpeted garage floors are a dependable slip-resistant flooring solution.
  5. It absorbs noise well
  6. It insulates the floor from cold
  7. It lifts the feeling and atmosphere of your home
  8. It makes an ideal flooring solution

If you are interested in getting carpet for your garage floor, call Unreal Lawns for a free quote. Unreal Lawns specialises in artificial turf installations for the home or office. Our qualified team of carpet installers will apply the same high standards when laying your carpet onto the garage floor as we do with all installations. Call now to discuss your requirements. If you have any doubts about whether carpeted flooring will look good in your garage, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Select your choice of garage carpet from an extensive range of high-quality, durable options

Just because it’s for the garage doesn’t mean it should be boring! Choose from a great range of carpet options in a wide variety of colours. To view the options available to you, book an appointment for your free, on-site visit and quote.

Unreal Lawns specialises in low maintenance lawn alternatives from artificial grass for homes to artificial turf for sports fields, so we are well-versed at coming up with interesting yet practical ideas for high-use areas.

Enquire today for a quote to carpet your garage or for artificial grass installation.

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