Transform your dull-looking garden into eye-candy for the complete neighbourhood by investing in our artificial grass in Tauranga at Unreal Lawns. We are the leading suppliers of realistic synthetic grass in Tauranga and operate as the superior pick for the same in the region. Manufactured from high-quality products, the final product which is installed to your garden is unparalleled in appearance and quality. 

Our fake grass at Unreal Lawns not only looks perfect but is comfortable under the feet too. Our specialists understand that homeowners demand nothing less than exceptional quality, and that is precisely what we deliver keeping your kids and pets in mind. From spending a lovely afternoon in the lawn to hosting a get-together for all friends in the garden, our astroturf never fails to impress!

Fake & Turf Grass in Tauranga, Bay of plenty


The installers at Unreal Lawns don’t hesitate in walking the extra mile to cultivate your barren land into a lush garden with our high-quality fake grass. Our synthetic grass does a lot more than only making your lawn look impeccable. It reconstructs your idle space into a comfortable and safe space for your kids to enjoy their playdates. It also proves to be a sound solution for your pets to keep them away from your upholstery!

What’s more, is that our artificial grass in Tauranga is guaranteed to deliver uncompromised satisfaction at affordable prices. Our trusted and experienced professionals push forward all difficulties and stand as the right pick for your lawn renovations. From design to final landscaping, our fake grass presents itself as the only option which will make the cut for you.



Is artificial grass suitable for Tauranga's climate?

Yes, premium artificial grass is made to survive New Zealand’s weather, especially that of Tauranga.


Does artificial grass require a lot of water in Tauranga?

Artificial grass is an eco-friendly option for Tauranga’s climate because it uses less water and doesn’t need to be watered frequently.


Can I install artificial grass in my Tauranga garden myself?

DIY installation is feasible, Or use our professional services for the greatest outcome and durability.


How long does artificial grass last in Tauranga's conditions?

In Tauranga’s warm environment, artificial grass may endure up to 15 years or more with careful maintenance.


Is artificial grass environmentally friendly in Tauranga?

Yes, artificial grass minimizes carbon emissions from lawn equipment, removes the need for chemical fertilizers, and conserves water.


Can I install artificial grass over existing natural grass in Tauranga?

For a smoother, more durable finish, it is typically advised build a aggregate base before putting in artificial grass.



Does artificial grass attract pests in Tauranga?

The answer is no, fake grass does not serve as a home for pests like fungus, or insects.


Can I use artificial grass around my pool in Tauranga?

Since it provides a comfortable, non-slip surface, artificial grass in Tauranga is a popular and safe alternative for pool surrounds.



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