Artificial Grass in Auckland

If you are wondering how artificial grass Auckland works, then you must know that it looks almost similar to real grass but stays put for longer with minimum maintenance. At Unreal Lawns, our various grass blades designs are crafted thinking about what’s trendy and what would help appease our clients more. While we keep your elders and kids in mind when installing residential artificial grass in Auckland, we also give thought to the needs of your commercial surrounding when installing high-quality artificial grass or synthetic turf for your office property in New Zealand.

Our astroturf in Auckland is sturdy enough to withstand heavy traffic daily without losing its beauty and appearance. The same goes for our garage carpets. Whether you want to make your garage a study room or use it as a garage itself, our carpets will serve for a longer span with no-hassle maintenance.

AstroTurf in Auckland NZ

Well, the Summer is upon us in NZ, which means blooming flowers and warm vibes are almost here! Are you prepared to welcome the hot season? If not, we can help. Our astroturf in Auckland will take care of your gardening needs at Unreal Lawns. Whether you want to revive your front lawns or give your patio a much-needed makeover, we are the experts for you. Fabricated from high-quality materials, our artificial grass is highly comfortable and safe for you, your kids and even your pets. The installation of synthetic turf is completed with New Zealand safety standards as our guidelines, helping us come through with flying colours.

We can’t emphasise enough on how important it is for you as a homeowner to be 100% sure of the installations you approve for your home. That’s when Unreal Lawns presents itself as a golden opportunity for highly appealing fake grass, artificial turf gardens. Our multi-purpose, high-quality artificial grass Auckland never fails to impress!

Why Choose Unreal Lawns for Astro Turf in NZ

Years of research, dedication and hard work has helped us reach the status that we enjoy today in the market. While our highly durable and competitively priced astroturf in Auckland is making headlines in NZ, the real credit for our success goes to our fake grass specialists who never back down from a challenge. Whether you need a lush garden in your backyard or a vertical garden to enhance the look of your walls, we can do it all with excellence! We can help you.

Are you wondering why astro turf is the superior choice for your outdoors? Well first of all, if you get a lot of shade in your backyard then brown spots are bound to happen with real grass. However, shade isn’t an issue for astro turf. It does not require any harsh chemical fertilizers, it’s safe for kids, pets and everyday recreational use. Moreover, you can sit directly on the ground without worrying about grass stains. If you lead a busy lifestyle and simply don’t have the time to keep up with lawn maintenance, astro turf is a drought-resistant solution you need.

At Unreal Lawns, we look beyond the conventional concepts and strive to deliver outcomes which are out-of-the-ordinary. We have mastered the craft of designing landscapes which is why we are one of the most preferred picks for landscaping all over NZ. No job is too big or small for us, so give us a call today to discuss further. We’d happily customise a solution for your needs, and ensure the use of only high-quality synthetic turf products.

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