How much does artificial lawn cost ?

The cost largely depends on individual needs. Unreal Lawns has a range of fake grass to suit most budgets. Our team can quote a suitable artificial grass for you.


What do you put under artificial grass?

Landscape artificial grass is mostly installed on an aggregate base 100 mm of GAP/20 to make a strong base with GAP/7 to contour to a smooth surface.


Which artificial grass is the best?

Unreal Lawns has a range of artificial turf to suit different projects, artificial grass for a commercial project that has high foot traffic or lush soft fake grass for a residential home.


Is artificial grass a good option?

Yes artificial turf gives you a low maintenance lawn. An artificial lawn can save you money no need to pay a lawn mowing contractor artificial grass doesn’t require fertilizer or watering. A fake lawn is green all year.


Can artificial grass get wet?

Yes Unreal Lawns artificial grass has drainage holes so the water drains through the fake grass into the aggregate base.


How do you maintain artificial grass with dogs?

There is always the risk that your dog urinates on your artificial grass. Fortunately, it is not harmful to the artificial lawn. For example, your fake grass will not discolor. So, there’s no need to keep your pets off your artificial grass. 


Can I DIY artificial grass
Yes Unreal Lawns can supply artificial grass for you to install your self. We can help with advice on how to install artificial turf.


How long does artificial grass last?

At Unreal Lawns, our artificial grass is made with the highest quality products. All of our artificial turf and lawn products come with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty against fading from the sun’s UV rays. Depending on traffic, pile height and density, artificial grass can last around 10-15 years and in some cases, even longer. It is very similar to carpet in that, the more traffic there is across the surface of your lawn, the more wearing will occur.

Enquire about synthetic grass installation or the cost of our high-quality artificial grass.


Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

Artificial grass can be considered environmentally friendly because there is no need to water it which saves on that precious resource. In addition, there is no need to fertilise fake grass so you’re keeping unnecessary pollutants out of NZ’s waterways.

Think about artificial grass for dogs or synthetic turf for playgrounds to keep everybody playing happily outdoors while safeguarding the environment.


Does artificial grass have drainage problems?

No. At Unreal Lawns, our artificial lawns drain almost like your natural lawn would. The backing of our synthetic turf products have a perforated base to allow the water to drain through. These perforation holes are spaced to allow the water to dissipate at a similar rate to natural lawn.


How do you clean artificial grass?

artificial grass is easy to clean. Once installed, artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. Depending on the season, you may need to rake off the leaves or brush up seed filaments with a hard bristle broom or spray to prevent moss growing.

Consider a low maintenance lawn alternative for your home or as check out our artificial grass ideas for your business.


Is artificial grass ok for dogs and cats?

Absolutely! artificial grass is great for dogs or cats. Synthetic turf is pet friendly if your pets use it as a toilet. Similar to a paved surface, you just pick the dog or cat poo up off the the artificial grass and hose off any remnants to remove odours.


Is artificial grass slippery when wet?

No artificial grass isn’t slippery when it gets wet. After a downpour, artificial turf will not remain wet for long so it’s great for dogs or playgrounds. You can send your kids or animals out to play on it almost as soon as it stops raining. They’ll be safe, and as an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about them getting muddy like they would on a natural lawn.


Do you install artificial putting green grass?

Yes, at Unreal Lawns we install putting green grass also cups and flags. Consider a backyard putting green so you can indulge your hobby from the comfort of your own property!


Can artificial grass be used with playground fall protection surfaces?

Yes. Synthetic turf is very popular for playgrounds and childcare centres. Outdoor play areas can be customised to maximise the outdoor fun and learning possible at your facility. We adhere to health and safety regulations so that you meet critical fall height standards.

Our softfall system (certified to NZS5828:2015) makes play areas safe.

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