What is Ornamental Grass?

March 8, 2022    By:  lawnmin

Ornamental Grass is part of the beautiful foliage you find outdoors, in gardens and sometimes even indoors in middling quantities. Although their name says grass, they are not truly grass but are classified as plants. They thrive in the natural environment and are resilient in harsh weather conditions.

Almost all ornamental grass plants are known to be perennials. Owing to their exceptional aesthetics, people tend to dry and preserve them to use them for decor purposes. However, if you don’t want to take the pain of preserving such plants, another similar way to satisfy your decor needs is to look for artificial ornamental grass.

Ornamental Grass Can Enhance A Garden or Backyard in An Assortment of Ways

Aesthetic Appeal & Color Combinations: Ornamental grass decor makes a visual treat both indoors and outdoors. With a wide range of colors and custom plant designs, you can use your creative imagination to come up with endless plant arrangements to spruce up the beauty of your home or office.

While some people prefer a strict pre-designed decor theme, others treat their home as a long-term life project. The latter are ever happy to keep adding and updating existing ornamental plants and other elements according to their interests and recent trends. This brings us to our next point.

Hybrid Decor Ideas: While Ornamental grass and plants can be beautiful on their own, they will look even better with other matching interior accents. Arranging things like pots or vases, photo frames, shade lamps with ornamental plants can create great focal points at your home or office. Let’s look at an example arrangement that you will love.

The Pampas grass plant has a really calming mid-century look and feel to it. There are several treated and preserved Pampas plants available in the market. You can also try getting artificial Pampas grass that is impossible to tell apart from the original thing. Arranging the Pampas with mid-century style furniture such as chairs with tapered legs, sputnik lights, and suitable photo frames will make for a great looking interior space.

Corner Focal Points: Corner decor needs no introduction. One of the most common and favorite corner filling solutions is to place a great looking plant or similar item. This doesn’t just fill the bland corner but contrastingly creates beautiful focal points that eventually turn into a room characteristic. Adding tall ornamental grass in an exquisite open urn will be a great addition to your living space.

Match Mixing: Although following a coherent theme can give beautiful results, you can mix and match different colors and types of ornamental grass for the sake of experimenting. For instance, you can place a large ornamental grass plant along with smaller plants such as succulents or cactuses. A couple of combinations to match mix these would be to either

  • get all of them in similar-looking colors or
  • creatively form a dual-tone theme to match other contrasting interior room accents such as the wall’s color, furniture’s wood color etc.

Value to Your Space and Yourself: Decorating homes or offices with plants and other items don’t just liven up the place but also provides therapeutic benefits to the people who do it. A touch of green, flowers or ornamental plants has always been calming to the mind and body.

While improving the quality of space, they also promote positive energy and productivity in human beings.

Uses and Benefits of Artificial Ornamental Grasses

By using artificial ornamental plants in your home office design, you can broaden your decor choices with a wide range of beautiful, low-maintenance, and relatively inexpensive alternatives. Here are a few tips for choosing the best ornamental grass or plants for your home and office:

Home Office Decor That Lasts Forever

Ever since the pandemic has almost made the home office concept pretty much standard, the indoor or home office decor fever has shot up. Enriching the space with things dear to your heart and warming accents will boost creativity and productivity.

However, the work from home concept has surprisingly created widespread time management issues for workers. The previous 9-5 has now become random timing. This causes people to struggle with things they do in their own time, like being with the family, gardening etc.

This makes decorating plants like ornamental grasses a problem as they can wither and perish without timely care. You can replace them with artificial ornamental grasses and enjoy the long-lasting freshness practically forever without having to spend much time on regular maintenance.

Alternatives For Finishing Touches

Today’s interior trend has been seeing a lot of themes that would practically look under construction without decor items such as the contemporary concrete finish.

While homeowners and property dealers spend a fortune on painting and plastering work, creative designers have experimented and come up with space decor ideas with immense aesthetic value. Not only does this type of interior design choice save costs, but it sometimes looks even better than traditionally plastered, smoothly finished walls.

All you have to do is devote a fraction of the expense to interior accents such as good lighting, suiting furniture and ornamental plants. Since the whole idea of such space is camouflaged attention to detail, artificial ornamental grasses would make a great choice to suit this characteristic.

Comparatively Low Maintenance

As discussed in the previous point, amongst many benefits, artificial grass plants will save you from the time and costs you would incur with real high-maintenance plants like real ornamental grasses.

Also, ornamental grasses are perennials that require regular care. It’s common for people to get emotionally attached to pets and plants, and perennial plants last only for a couple of years at most. In contrast, artificial ornamental grass can stay forever and eventually turn into an identifiable room characteristic.

Quality Space at a Lower Cost

Although some artificial ornamental grass choices can seem expensive, it is important to note that they are a one-time investment. In contrast, real plants that fall in the exquisite category can sometimes burn a huge hole in your pockets. Furthermore, it will incur additional maintenance costs. Calculate long term, and you will realize how artificial ornamental grasses will be free of unnecessary costs and can last practically forever with zero maintenance.



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