Create a fun and safe environment at your NZ kindergarten or daycare centre with soft fall artificial grass for playgrounds

New Zealand kindergartens and daycare centres are fast turning to soft fall artificial grass systems as a way to create a safer, more appealing outdoor area for children’s play areas. Areas once paved in concrete, tarmac and bark are being transformed into fun and attractive spaces that meet current NZ safety standards (NZ 5828:2015).

Artificial grass in a playground environment is low maintenance, durable, weather resistant and cost-effective. It can be shaped to the contours of your landscape and looks great against the bright colours usually associated with playground equipment from swings to slides and trampolines. Combined with the cushioning effect of soft fall system underneath, artificial lawn can significantly reduce injury from falls and trips.

If you would like to upgrade your outdoor play areas with a soft fall system, our artificial grass experts can help.

Softfall surface preparation

Synthetic turf over Softfall surface

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