The Perfect Finish: Why Edging is Essential for Your Artificial Turf

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Edge like a pro: Achieve a professional-grade finish for your artificial turf!

Do you need more clarification about the necessity of edging for your artificial grass installation? Let us clarify why a border, also known as edging, could be a crucial element for your artificial turf.

A tidy and precisely groomed edge is visually pleasing and immediately draws the eye when observing an artificial turf installation. Surprisingly, many underestimate the significance of attending to essential details like compacting the foundation and meticulously addressing the outer margins. However, these often disregarded aspects hold tremendous potential to significantly enhance your artificial grass’s overall appearance. To assist you in achieving a clean and refined edge for your artificial turf, we present valuable tips that will elevate your installation to a level of professionalism and flawless completion. Join us as we delve into these guidelines and transform your turf into a masterpiece of perfection!


The Allure of Artificial Grass: Achieving a Neat and Polished Look with Edging

Artificial grass has captivated homeowners seeking an effortlessly lush and well-maintained lawn. Its evergreen allure of home putting green elevates the yard’s overall aesthetics and harmonises perfectly with various landscape designs. Incorporating a well-defined edge into artificial or fake grass installations is essential for those who value a neat and organised appearance. Edging is vital in achieving a well-groomed and seamless look, adding that final touch of sophistication. While not obligatory in every instance, integrating curbing or landscaping edging is undoubtedly a prudent suggestion to ensure a finished result that exudes charm and elegance.


Mastering Artificial Grass Edging: Creative Tips and Hardscape Options

Homeowners are increasingly drawn to artificial grass for putting green thanks to its remarkable characteristics of being consistently lush, low-maintenance and effortlessly stunning. It provides an ideal lawn that requires minimal maintenance, creating an enchanting and immaculate environment. Its clean and uncluttered appearance enhances your yard’s overall appeal and effortlessly complements various landscape designs.

For those who appreciate a well-defined look, incorporating a distinct edge becomes essential, which is why edging is commonly included in fake grass installations. Although not always necessary, it is strongly advised to contemplate including curbing or landscaping edging to attain a well-organised aesthetic for your artificial grass installation.

If you prefer not to use traditional edging, alternative methods exist to achieve a tidied edge. You have the opportunity to explore various techniques that provide practical and visually appealing alternatives to acquire a defined boundary without relying on traditional edging methods.

We have curated a list of valuable tips to assist you in attaining a perfect edge for your artificial grass installation. By integrating these suggestions, you can elevate the overall appearance of your lawn and create a refined finish.

1. Enhancing Artificial Grass with Wood Chips or Bark

For a natural and visually appealing edge, wood chips or bark can be employed to enhance the appearance of your artificial grass. Wood chips or bark can beautifully accentuate the edge of your synthetic grass, providing a seamless and natural appearance similar to gravel. To ensure convenient maintenance and prevent the wood chips or bark from spreading onto your lawn, it is recommended to employ a sturdy edging material that creates a distinct boundary between the grass and the chosen material. This way, you can achieve a clean and well-defined edge that complements the overall aesthetics of your artificial grass installation.

2. Natural Logs or Wood for Enhancing Artificial Grass Edging

Using natural logs or wood as edging materials can be an excellent choice for enhancing the edge of your artificial grass, especially for lawns with straight margins. However, alternative options are also to consider, such as using small cut-log pieces that can be effortlessly inserted into the ground. These sections provide a more flexible solution that can be used around curved lawns, creating a visually appealing cluster of small stumps. Introducing natural logs or wood as edging materials adds a rustic and charming touch to your artificial grass installation, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

3. Classic Railroad Sleepers as Edging for Artificial Grass

Railroad sleepers are a popular choice for edging artificial grass and can be cohesively combined with various landscaping elements and hardscapes like paving stones or gravel. Known for their versatility, railroad sleepers have long been a favoured option for landscaping borders. Integrating these recycled materials into your landscape design adds a touch of sustainability and allows for custom sizing to suit different purposes. Utilising railroad sleepers as a sturdy border is an excellent solution when expanding your lawn area before installing artificial grass, providing a reliable and visually pleasing edge to your outdoor space.

4. Graceful Gravel for a Refined Artificial Grass Border

Augmenting your landscape with the graceful addition of gravel as a refined border around artificial grass adds a touch of refinement. While gravel alone may not provide a solid barrier, it can be used effectively as a ground cover along the lawn’s perimeter, enhancing its visual appeal. To prevent the gravel from creeping into your yard, you may install a flexible border as an additional form of edging between the grass and the stone. This step, although optional, can significantly simplify ongoing yard maintenance, making it easier to keep your outdoor space tidy and well-maintained. By blending the elegance of gravel with a carefully chosen border, you can achieve an ideal edge for your artificial grass installation.

5. Flexible Borders for a Polished Look with Artificial Grass

By incorporating flexible landscape borders, you can achieve a perfected and urbane appearance with your artificial grass. These borders can be easily obtained from garden shops, home improvement stores and online retailers, providing a convenient and affordable option. They are also simple to install, making them an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts. Typically constructed from durable materials like metal or plastic, bendable landscape edging ensures long-lasting performance, keeping your artificial grass installation well-defined and visually appealing for years.

6. Elegant Paving Stones for Edging Artificial Grass

Enhancing the edge of your artificial grass with extravagant paving stones offers a fantastic and visually appealing solution. You have the flexibility to create various designs, from partial patios to small borders, seamlessly integrated with your artificial grass using pavers. The combination of artificial grass lawns and paving stone hardscapes produces stunning landscapes that require minimal water and low maintenance. This blend not only embraces the concept of drought-tolerant landscaping but also ensures style and aesthetic appeal are not compromised. The magnetism of this harmonious combination is undeniable for those seeking a water-efficient landscape without sacrificing visual charm and sophistication.

7. Stylish Concrete Curbing as Artificial Grass Edging

Improve the aesthetic appeal of your artificial grass by incorporating stylish concrete curbing as edging. Available in options such as stamped or regular concrete, landscape curbing is widely used to create structured borders around grass areas. However, it is crucial to carefully consider the long-term implications before installing concrete curbing. While it can significantly enhance the visual appeal, it is essential to ensure that you intend to maintain the same grass and overall landscaping design for the foreseeable future. Considering this will allow you to make an informed decision about integrating concrete curbing as a durable and visually pleasing edging solution for your artificial grass.


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At Unreal Lawns, we recognise the significance of achieving a clean and cultivated edge for your artificial grass installation. Our wide array of edging options provides you with the flexibility to attain the perfect look for your landscape. Regardless of your design preferences, Unreal Lawns offers the ideal solutions to meet your needs, whether you seek a natural and rustic appeal or a more contemporary style.

At Unreal Lawns, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of edging choices crafted from high-quality materials. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional quality products that elevate the overall appearance of your lawn. We strive to enhance the aesthetics of your yard while ensuring long-lasting sturdiness and optimal performance. We aim to provide you with an artificial grass-edging solution that meets and exceeds your expectations, creating a perfect and timeless finish that will endure for years.

What sets Unreal Lawns apart is our commitment to exceptional customer service. We have a team of experts ready to assist you in selecting the best edging options for your fake grass. We invest time in understanding your requirements and offer guidance throughout the installation process to ensure that your artificial grass for putting green achieves a flawless and impeccable look.

When you choose Unreal Lawns, you can be confident that you are making the right choice for your artificial grass edging needs. Our products are built to withstand the test of time, providing resilience and aesthetic appeal for years.

Let Unreal Lawns be your trusted partner in creating a seamless and visually stunning edge for your artificial turf. Contact us now to explore our wide range of edging options and experience our exceptional service firsthand.

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