Why Artificial Turf is Gaining Popularity?

November 8, 2023    By:  seo

It’s no secret that over the past ten years, artificial turf has grown in popularity. Nowadays, synthetic grass can be found almost anywhere—in front yards, backyards, schools, parks, and other areas—instead of only in sports fields and commercial locations. But why is this artificial grass replacement becoming so popular? Let’s examine the benefits, artificial lawns offer to businesses and homeowners.

Low Maintenance:

Maybe the biggest draw is this. Real grass needs a lot of care; it needs to be regularly mowed, watered, fertilized, aerated, and weeded. Artificial grass doesn’t require any of it.

• No More Mowing! – Kiss goodbye to endless mowing sessions in the blistering summer heat. Artificial grass simply never needs cutting.

•  Zero Watering – No need to irrigate synthetic turf. That saves you money on your water bill!

•  No Fertilizing or Pesticides – Artificial lawns don’t require any type of chemical treatment.

Your weekends are freed up to actually relax and enjoy your yard without hours of lawn care chores.

Customization Options:

Natural grass primarily has a green appearance, with occasional brown patches caused by drought. However, artificial turf comes in an array of variations that allow customization to your personal preferences.

• Blade Lengths – Go for short blades for a tightly manicured look or long-flowing blades that mimic your favorite golf course.

• Colors – While basic green is popular, you can also find turf in hues like blue, tan, red, and more. Get creative!

• Textures – Different synthetic grass textures range from stiff and spiky to soft and luscious.

With all the choice, it’s easy to design your perfect artificial lawn.


Artificial turf stands up to heavy use and tough weather much better than natural grass.

• Withstands Foot Traffic – Synthetic blades bounce back after being trod over and over. No dirt paths cutting through your pristine lawn.

• All-Weather Toughness – Artificial grass won’t fade or die in extreme heat, freezing cold, or drought. A vigorous rainstorm won’t turn it into a muddy mess either.

• Long Lasting – A quality artificial lawn will retain its flawless look for 15-25 years. Natural grass inevitably thins, yellows, and needs replaced year after year.

Pet and Kid Friendly:

Kids and pets can be rough on the grass. Synthetic grass easily handles them.

• Withstands Pets – Dog urine won’t leave yellow burn marks or dead patches on artificial turf. Rambunctious pups won’t dig or trample it either.

• Cushioned for Kids – Many artificial grass products have padded backings perfect for kids to play on. Synthetic blades are soft, not abrasive.

• No Off-Limit Areas – You don’t have to ban pets or kids from certain areas of the yard to preserve your pristine lawn.

The whole family can enjoy time outdoors without worrying about artificial grass.

Versatile Applications:

Not only is artificial turf great for large backyard lawns. Products made of synthetic grass are multipurpose and can be used in unique ways.

• Patio Installation – Smaller turf can be installed on apartment patios or condo balconies. Enjoy green space even in tight urban environments.

• Rooftop Gardens – Many flat rooftops can now be converted into lush garden oases thanks to artificial turf options.

• Indoor Applications – Basement or indoor playrooms often use synthetic grass carpeting for a fun twist.

• Portable Uses – miniature putting greens, doormats, pet turf pads, and more showcase the portability of artificial grass.

Realistic Appearance:

From glossy old astroturf, modern artificial grass has come a long way. Fresh turf cultivars have become experts at emulating the genuine thing.

• Natural-Looking Blades – State-of-the-art polymers carefully shape each blade to match real grass in color variations, texture, and movement.

• All-Season Green – Unlike real grass, synthetic blades stay vibrant green year-round – no fading or dying.

• Flawless Surfaces – No bare spots, holes, mud patches, or other imperfections. Synthetic turf looks pristine 365 days a year.



What are the most popular uses for artificial turf?

The most common residential uses for synthetic turf are in backyards, front yards, side yards, and on patios or balconies. For commercial settings, artificial grass is popular for outdoor seating areas, rooftop installations, poolsides, playgrounds, and sports fields.


How long does artificial turf last compared to real grass?

The average lifespan of good quality artificial turf is 15-25 years, while real grass typically survives less than a year before needing replanting or resodding. Properly maintained synthetic grass will outlast natural grass more than 20 times over.


What are the main differences between low-end and premium artificial grass?

Cheaper artificial turf often has thinner, stiffer blades that look less realistic. The backing and drainage may also be of poor quality. Premium synthetic grass has soft, highly realistic grass blades, weather/fade-resistant polymers, good drainage and padded backing for comfort and safety. Investing in premium turf leads to superior appearance, performance and longevity.


Does artificial turf get hot in the sun?

All types of turf get hot under direct intense sunlight. However, more sand helps to reduce heat and help give your artificial grass durability and strength. Simple steps like adequate shade and irrigation can also help keep any turf cool in sunny spots.



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