Transform Your Home Landscape: The Benefits and Considerations of Artificial Turf

June 2, 2024    By:  diib-seo

In recent years, artificial turf for residential areas has emerged as a popular choice for homeowners seeking a sustainable and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. Particularly in urban areas like Newmarket, Remuera, Epson, and Mount Eden, the demand for durable landscaping solutions has seen a notable rise. Artificial turf, with its lush, green appearance and practical benefits, offers an appealing option for residential landscapes.

At Unreal Lawns, we understand the unique requirements of our clients across Auckland’s suburbs and beyond, aiming to transform gardens into beautiful, usable spaces. This article guides homeowners through the essential aspects of choosing artificial turf for their residential landscaping needs.

Understanding Artificial Turf

Artificial turf consists of synthetic fibres designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. Technological advancements have led to the development of artificial turf that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional in diverse weather conditions. The construction of artificial turf involves layers of backing, cushioning, and drainage systems, ensuring durability and comfort.

At Unreal Lawns, we pride ourselves on the premium materials and sophisticated techniques employed during the installation process, underlining our products’ ability to withstand wear and tear while retaining their visual charm. Opting for artificial turf represents a commitment to a sustainable, long-term solution for your garden’s needs.

Environmental Impact of Artificial Turf for Residential Areas

The decision to choose artificial turf for residential areas comes with some environmental considerations that depend on multiple factors. On one hand, artificial turfs significantly reduce water usage, an important factor to consider in drought-prone areas or where water conservation is a priority. Unlike natural lawns that require regular watering, especially during the warmer months, artificial turf remains lush and green without the need for irrigation.

Furthermore, it eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers that can leach into the ground and water systems, posing risks to wildlife and human health. While there are concerns about the production and disposal of synthetic materials, advancements in recyclable and eco-friendly components are addressing these challenges.

Unreal Lawns utilizes a material called PE (polyethylene). This material gives you a durable option for natural-looking grass, but also gives you a product that has the same look, and feel as an all-natural lawn. Our PE and PU materials are among the safest plastics.

By choosing products that promote sustainability, homeowners can minimise their environmental footprint. The balance between convenience and ecological responsibility makes artificial turf an attractive option for those conscious of its environmental impact.

Maintenance Requirements for Artificial Turf

One of the most appealing advantages of using artificial turf for residential areas is its minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike its natural lawns, artificial turf doesn’t need mowing, fertilising, or aeration. Besides periodic cleaning to remove leaves and debris, artificial turf largely maintains its pristine condition without regular care.

This reduces not only the time and effort required for upkeep but also saves homeowners from the additional costs of maintaining a natural lawn. Occasional rinsing and a little brushing will keep the artificial turf looking fresh and clean. It’s also highly resistant to pests and weeds, making it an excellent low-maintenance solution suitable for busy homeowners or those who prefer to focus on other aspects of their garden landscaping.

During the installation process we install a small amount of sand to help prop up the grass and facilitate drainage.

Cost Comparison: Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass

While the upfront cost of artificial turf installation is higher compared to natural grass, it’s important to consider the long-term financial implications. Natural lawns require regular watering, mowing, fertilising, and the occasional re-seeding or patch repair, all of which contribute to a steady stream of maintenance expenses.

Artificial turf, on the other hand, saves on these ongoing costs, making it a more economical choice in the long run. These advantages combined with its durability and the value it adds to properties make artificial turf an increasingly popular choice for smart homeowners.

Long-term Value and Benefits of Artificial Turf

Using artificial turf for your residential areas is more than just a short-term solution to landscaping needs. Its longevity and durability ensure homeowners can enjoy its aesthetic and practical benefits for years. High-quality artificial turf for residential areas like what we offer at Unreal Lawns can last approximately 15–20 years with proper care.

Apart from offering a lush, green lawn throughout the year, it also improves the overall value of the residential property due to its low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners find that artificial turf enhances outdoor living spaces, making them more attractive and usable. Additionally, it offers a clean and safe play area for children and pets. The myriad of long-term benefits makes it clear that artificial turf is an excellent investment in enhancing residential landscapes.

Artificial Turf Installation in Auckland Areas

Serving a wide array of localities, Unreal Lawns specialises in the professional installation of artificial turf across numerous areas in Auckland, including but not limited to Newmarket, Grey Lynn, and Mount Roskill. Our team is also proficient in beautifying the outdoor spaces of residences in Penrose, East Tamaki, and the coastal neighbourhoods of St Heliers and Mission Bay. We extend our expertise as far north as Albany and cater to clients in the southwestern districts of Manurewa and Papakura.

During the installation process, we will:

  • Excavate around 100 mm of soil to give room for the new layer of grass.
  • Secure the edges with timber edging.
  • Create a solid surface and contour the top surface with various types of artificial gravel.
  • Lay the grass, secure it with staples, and secure any extra edging with glue.
  • Brush the turf to fluff it up and apply a small amount of sand to facilitate better drainage.

Understanding the local environment and specific community aesthetics, Unreal Lawns ensures that each installation is tailored to the needs and desires of homeowners throughout Auckland’s diverse suburbs.

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